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We are creating change through technology and product innovation

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Finflow is a place where we all strive for success — together

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Our culture


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Meet the team

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Aaron Hyde

Aaron Hyde

Co-founder and CEO
Warren Chae

Warren Chae

Co-founder and CTO
Phoenix Baker

Phoenix Baker

Chief of Staff
Lana Steiner

Lana Steiner

Chief of Marketing
Demi Wilkinson

Demi Wilkinson

HR Lead
Natali Craig

Natali Craig

Head of Product
Kate Morrison

Kate Morrison

Customer Success Manager
Corey Jacob

Corey Jacob

Lead Developer
Olivia Rhye

Olivia Rhye

Design Lead
Orlando Diggs

Orlando Diggs

Project Manager
Joshua Gilbert

Joshua Gilbert

Head Data Analyst
Noah Pierre

Noah Pierre

Finance Lead

Perks and benefits

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Time flexibility

Work from anywhere

Company equity

Professional development

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We’re hiring!

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‘Unnatih’ is the brand registered under Boharr Fintech Pvt. Ltd. CapHelp Partners Pvt. Ltd. (CapHelp), a wholly owned subsidiary of Boharr Fintech Pvt. Ltd. carries out the business as a distributor of mutual funds under AMFI Registration No: ARN- 250324 and also distribute other investment products such as Secondary Market bonds, Fixed deposits and other investment products.

  • Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.
  • For all investment related products please read the product details and issuer details before investing
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