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  • Your Own Branded Mobile Platform
  • Seamless Pre-integrated eKYC
  • Multiple Reports and Auto reading of MFCAS
  • Affordable Starting Point
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Nurturing Entrepreneurial Growth

Empowering Business Growth: Capital, Consulting and Family Office Solutions

Capital Advisory:

  • Support at every business stage
  • Connect with various funding sources
  • Tailored approach, rigorous due diligence


  • IT and management consulting services
  • Enhance processes for documentation and automation

Family Office:

  • Specialized assistance for diverse investments
  • Property management and Asset accounting


Support for Entrepreneurs and Startups


Capital Advisory

We support startups and entrepreneurs at every stage of their business journey, from incubation and seed funding to expansion.

We connect with various funding sources, including private equity funds (both offshore and domestic), angel investors, family offices, banks, and NBFCs. We tailor our approach based on the deal size and type, providing comprehensive support, including teasers and related documentation.

Prior to approaching funding entities, we conduct rigorous internal due diligence to ensure transparency and accurate documentation.



Through our CapHelp Services, we offer IT consulting for financial software, mobile apps, and websites.

We also provide management consulting for risk assessment, cost analysis, and training, along with process consulting for documentation, reviews, and automation.


Family Office

With the rising upper-middle-class segment and diverse investments, families require specialized assistance for a comprehensive portfolio overview and timely reporting.

Many families and HNIs own multiple properties, which require maintenance, tax monitoring, and rental expense accounting.

At CapHelp’s family office vertical, we provide property management and asset accounting services with customized reports for a significant impact.

Automated Payments

Entrepreneurship program

Join our Entrepreneur Program today and elevate your wealth management business. With ‘Unnatih’, you’ll have access to our cutting edge platform designed to support entrepreneurs like you. Whether you’re starting out or aiming to grow, our program is the ideal solution.

What’s in it for you?

  • Your own branded platform
  • A revenue-sharing proposition with no upfront costs
  • And much more when we hear from you.

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Capital Advisory

Empowering Growth:
Tailored Funding Solutions for Start-ups and SMEs

Through our ‘CapHelp’ Services, Unlock funds effortlessly for your business aspirations.
We simplify the process, allowing you to focus on your business, not chasing funds.
Our Approach

Our Approach

Start-up and Entrepreneur Assistance:

  • Incubation to expansion support

Funding Approach:

  • Private equity funds, angel investors, family offices, banks, NBFCs
  • Tailored approach based on deal specifics
  • Assistance with teasers and documentation

Internal Due Diligence:

  • Rigorous pre-approach checks
  • Ensuring transparency and accuracy
For Startups or Early-Stage Businesses (Less Than 3 Years)

For Startups or Early-Stage Businesses (Less Than 3 Years)

  • Business model with a business plan
  • Brief on expertise or experience
  • Ability to execute plans.
  • Financial statements for available years and projections
  • Information on projects in progress
For SMEs or MSMEs Seeking Expansion Funds

For SMEs or MSMEs Seeking Expansion Funds

  • Valid CIBIL Score
  • Financial statements for the last three years
  • Projection statements
  • Purpose and duration of the loan
  • Type of loan preferred (Overdraft/Cash Credit/Term Loan, etc.)
  • Business plans and exit options for equity or debenture capital infusion

Consulting Services

Supports Offered

We help entities innovate, monitor, and build customer trust. With a strong internal team and selected external advisors we offer independent guidance for staying competitive while maintaining customer confidence.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

  • Draft and review software specifications
  • Provide gap analysis for existing IT products
  • Design customer-facing apps (mobile and web)
  • Enable third-party interfaces
  • Develop Core Processing Systems for:

◈  Mutual Funds Transfer
◈  Loans and Deposits
◈  Fund Administration
◈  Anti-Money Laundering.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting

  • Conduct Due Diligence
  • Review Product Costing and Variances Analysis
  • Implement Enterprise Risk Management Framework
  • Manage Key Initiatives with dedicated project teams
  • Draft, Review, and Update Business Continuity Policy
  • Provide Customized Training in
◈  Banking
◈  Mutual Funds
◈  Hedge Funds
◈  Private Equity, and
◈  Transfer Agency Process
Process Consulting

Process Consulting

  • Draft end-to-end business process documentation
  • Conduct process control review and gap analysis
  • Identify and assist in automating key business processes
  • Revisit and re-engineer existing processes for efficiency
  • Perform process mapping, identifying owners, and risk matrix creation

Family Business

Family Office Services

At CapHelp, within our family office vertical, we are committed to providing tailored assistance in property management accounting and overall asset accounting, ensuring the delivery of customized reports that can significantly impact the management of family wealth.

Our Approach

Our Approach

At CapHelp, our approach in the family office vertical is dedicated to offering personalized support in property management and overall asset accounting. 

We prioritize delivering customized reports for impactful family wealth management.

Our services

Our services

  • Fund Accounting
  • Property Accounting on cash and accrual basis
  • Monitoring Tax dues and rental accruals
  • Providing income statements to auditors
  • Customized Dashboards
  • Accounting for Valuation and Sales

We also provide valuable Management Consulting service, encompassing.

  • Risk Management
  • Internal Costing Assessments
  • Training

In addition, our Process Consulting expertise covers

  • Drafting Process Documentation
  • Process Control Reviews
  • Process Engineering and Automation

We’re here to enhance your wealth management experience.

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